What is pumpflix?

Driving customers to your business can be challenging and expensive. Traditional advertising mediums are becoming obsolete and pay-per-click digital media advertising can be pricey and not effective. Pumpflix is a unique advertising medium that allows for businesses to reach a captive market and cost-effectively target local customers. 

Locations from Montecito to Goleta

LCD Screens with audio

Video ads played per station/per month

Customer reach per month

Easy to use

PumpFlix is extremely easy to use. Simply provide a static or video ad, send us the files, and within minutes see your content live for thousands of viewers to see!

Cost effective

The average customer spends about 4.5 minutes filling up their car with fuel and as a captive audience, they are particularly receptive to customized advertising messages.

Creative Services

Don’t have content? We provide premium photography, video, and graphic design services. Create your video or static advertisements with us!

25,000 Customers

Pumpflix videos are viewed 4,320 times per month, at 11 locations with daily traffic of 25,000 customers per month.

300,000 unique views

Pump-top advertisements are viewed by over 25,000 customers per month at each location, totalling to 300k per month.


4.5 minutes

The average customer spends 4.5 minutes refueling their vehicles and all Pumpflix loops are monitored to ensure maximum viewings.

Customer Reach

The average customer spends 4.5+ minutes filling up and as a captive audience they are particularly receptive to messages.

Customers are entertained at the pump with engaging content including updated local weather, news and sports that are provided as a continuous news feed at the bottom of the display.

Customers also see promotions for convenience store products and other available services.